The Internet, like herpes, is forever

And  writers (especially aspiring ones) would be wise to understand that. I know, I know, I know that you *have* to market yourself, get out there and be visible,  create your own fame. Sheesh, the internet tells you that every day if you frequent writers’ sites and blogs. But be aware that it isn’t only … Continue reading

Copyeditors Rock…honest…

They do. They rock. Copyeditors are the backbone of the written word. They CARE folks, and yeah, I meant the caps. For writers? Copyeditors love writers. They angst over every word and comma. They don’t want to write your stuff for you, they want to make it perfect in the world of punctuation, grammar, clarity, and … Continue reading

Ten Things That Don’t Bother Me in the Slush No Matter What Your Writer Friends Tell You

It’s true. Somethings just don’t bug me, and on this one I’ll go out on a limb because I know a lot of editors, somethings don’t bug a “lot” of editors either. Here they are: 1. Typos unless there are ten in every sentence. Life is hard, you know, and writers and editors make typos. … Continue reading

Why I Read the Slush Pile

I don’t have to read the slush pile, but I do. And I do because that is where the real magic is. Okay, sure, the agented subs are all clean and crispy and good. But the agented subs are from writers who’ve already crossed that big, ugly line that new writers (young or old) find almost … Continue reading