Copyeditors Rock…honest…

They do. They rock. Copyeditors are the backbone of the written word. They CARE folks, and yeah, I meant the caps.

For writers? Copyeditors love writers. They angst over every word and comma. They don’t want to write your stuff for you, they want to make it perfect in the world of punctuation, grammar, clarity, and consistency. Don’t fight your copyeditor. Buy them a drink, flowers, that adorable kitten. They make you look good, folks.

For acquistions editors? Absolutely. They might hate acquistion editors at times, because of the messy, revised manuscripts we drop on their desks or in their inboxes with a tight deadline. But, they rock for me as an acquistions and substantive or manuscript or content editor. (I’m not really sure now what I am. The nomenclature is in flux.) Whatever. But I can concentrate on the fiction and know that the copyeditor is going to make the manuscript legible, correct, and understandable. And if the author uses language in a very stylistic, unorthodox manner, the copyeditor is going to respect that.

So, if you’re a copyeditor, I sincerely appreciate what you do. Your dedication, expertise, and relentless late nights chewing over the “real” meaning of the sentence are essential.

You are the final polish. We trust you.



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