Why I Read the Slush Pile

I don’t have to read the slush pile, but I do. And I do because that is where the real magic is.

Okay, sure, the agented subs are all clean and crispy and good. But the agented subs are from writers who’ve already crossed that big, ugly line that new writers (young or old) find almost insurmountable.

New writers are the future. They are the great,  shiny, vibrant hope of writing. And I dread the thought that some opinionated intern, some wannabe writer with a huge chip on their shoulder who volunteered to “read” for their fav publisher and who hates any writing that isn’t exactly like theirs, or some dried up pontificate is going to deny me and my children and their children and their children the opportunity to read something stunning because it wasn’t exactly like the “what’s selling right now” type of book…uh…ahem.

I read the slush pile because every time I pick up those manuscripts I’m filled with a feeling of anticipation…real, compelling anticipation.

Most times, I’m disappointed. But man oh man, when I’m not. I’m not.

More to come on the slush pile. A series of posts.

One note. Every single opinion I express in this blog is my own. I do not intend to represent the publishing industry, editors, agents, God, or writers. I’m only going to write here what I know in my own experience or what is such an industry standard that it doesn’t need any justification.

So, read on with that in mind. Your experience may be different. I’m sure it is. You’re not me…I think.



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